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benefits of product

No Need to be an Expert

Invest in simple products with recommended portfolios that will give you exposure to the assets you want.

benefits of product

Diversify your Portfolio Globally

Have access to investment opportunities globally in just a few clicks away. Diversify your portfolio investing in stocks in the US, in real estate in Europe or even in venture capital funds.

benefits of product

Simple and Affordable

No hidden fee, no managed fee. We only charge a transactional and custodian fee.


Why investing internationally

Most people have all their wealth invested in their own country, making them vulnerable to any problems the country might face. We know that countries in Latin America aren't as stable as developed economies and that they suffered and still suffers many financial crises. By investing internationally, you diversify your portfolio and lower its risk.

How it works?

The financial assets that we offer leverage the blockchain technology to enable the international transfer of assets in a secure and cheap way.

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